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Meetings, Clinics & Events of 2012


GLFHA Meeting Calendar



February 24 – General meeting, 1-4 PM, Babe's Bar & Grill, Madison, WI



December 02, 2012 – AGM/awards/Christmas Program, 1-4 PM, location TBA 


Event Calendar


April 19-21, 2013 Midwest Horse Fair-Heritage Horse Demo, Madison, WI


June 15-16, 2013 Columbus Horse Classic, Columbus, WI


July 4-7, 2013 Three Gaits Open Show, Stoughton, WI


September 06-08, 2013 Villa Louie Carriage Classic, Prairie du Chein, WI


September 23-24, 2013 FHANA Midwest Region Friesian Keuring, Marshfield, WI 


October 05-06, 2013 Colorama, Caroline, WI  (Midwest’s Largest Two Day Trail ride)



MEMBERS: Please keep us informed of upcoming events.  We would like to list any event where our Friesians can be seen and our members can meet.   The bold events will be club events.  Underlined events take place in the Netherlands.  Other listings will be on an individual basis and/or have not been organized as a club event (yet).  This list will be forwarded to the FHANA; some of it to be incorporated in the CLUB EVENTS DATES in THE FRIESIAN.  If you have any questions about these events please contact Heidi Smith at  Suggestions for our club events are always welcome! 



  1. The intent of the point competition is for the Friesian horse to get exposure in public and for the rider to have fun with their horse.
  2. Owner of the horse and the handler/rider/driver must be a current member of GLFHA and in good standing.
  3. Friesian horse must be Dutch Registered. FPS/FHANA
  4. Points are accumulated by horse and handler/rider/driver combination.
  5. Points will start to accrue when the awards application is received.  Application must be post marked before the first event.  Point must be sent in within 20 days after the day of the event to or Theresa Marshall, 3381 W Rockton Road, Rockton, IL  61072(815) 624-1024. When registering points, be sure to include: name of horse, owner’s name, address, phone number, name of show, date of show, show prize list, class name, and placing, division of point system (junior/senior), point class, and number of points received.
  6. Classes:  Special event Friesian and Trail Friesian classes are renewed for 2011.
  7. Please note that you must participate at one GLFHA (volunteer, demo, clinic) sponsored event during the year (Jan-Dec.) to qualify for this award.
  8. Divisions: Junior (18 and under) and Senior Handler/Rider/Driver (over 18).
  9. Classes:
    1. Driving Friesian
    2. Performance Friesian (western, hunt seat, saddle seat, costume)
    3. Dressage Friesian
    4. Halter/Showmanship Friesian

    5. Overall high point: Combined points from judged events (driving, performance, dressage, halter)

  10. Points from judged events (driving, performance, dressage, halter):

    1. National Championship Shows (IFSHA, FHANA):

  i.      Champion  50 points

 ii.     Reserves    40 points

 iii.    Top 5          30 points

    1. Regional Championship Shows

                               i.      Champion  50 points

 ii.     Reserves    40 points

 iii.    Top 5          30 points

    1. A-Rated Shows, IFSHA, Breed Shows, ADS, USDF, USEF, etc.

  i.       If championship classes are offered, Champion – additional 20 points

  ii.       Reserve Champion – additional 10 points

 iii.       1st place    30 points

 iv.       2nd place   25 points

 v.       3rd place     20 points

 vi.      4th place     15 points

 vii.     5th place     10 points

 viii.    6th place       5 points

    1. All other non-A-rated shows and fairs

           i.      If championship classes are offered, Champion – additional 10 points

          ii.      If championship classes are offered, Reserve Champion – additional 5 points  iii.      1st place    15 points

          iv.     2nd place   10 points

           v.     3rd place     7 points

          vi.     4th place     5 points

         vii.     5th place     3 points  

        viii.     6th place     1 points

  1. All points must be turned in and postmarked by November 20, 2011 to be counted.

  2. The awards chairperson reserves the right to interpret the rules as necessary to apply points fairly.


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